Recommended system configurations for Installing Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 comes with some great new features. It also refines previous versions of Server and offer better features and stability compared to old ones. Due to these new features and stability, customers are moving towards this release of Windows Server. Hence, it is important to understand what the hardware requirements are for installation of Windows Server 2012.
The official requirements for installing Windows Server 2012 are as follows:
 Component  Minimum Requirement
 Processing  1.4 GHz
 RAM  512 MB
 Disk Space   Minimum 32 GB
Note: 32 GB Disk space and 512MB RAM should be considered an absolute minimum value for successful installation. While these are mostly the minimum requirements for getting plain Windows Server 2012 running, most customers will install Windows Server 2012 in much larger configurations. For example, to run it as a web server WebsitePanel, SQL Server & Mail Server installation is necessary. So, in the following tables, we've explained recommended configurations to run Windows 2012 server as plain OS or fully loaded.
   Windows Server 2012 (Plain OS) Windows Server 2012 (with WebsitePanel, SQL Server & SmarterMail)
 vCPU  2 vCPU  3 vCPU
 RAM  Atleast 2 GB  Atleast 3 GB
 Disk Space  Atleast 35 GB  Atleast 40 GB
  Our Recommanded Plans :  
 Windows Budget VPS  Budget W3 and higher plans  Budget W4 and higher plans
 Windows SSD VPS  SSD W3 and higher plans  SSD W4 and higher plans
 Windows Cloud VPS  Cloud W2 and higher plans  Cloud W3 and higher plans


All these recommendations are based on our experience. If you've a high resource consuming application, we request you to contact us for the best VPS hardware option.

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